Hindustani Vocal

Go in the course of best singing classes in Bhubaneswar at Athena Music Academy that offers professional Hindustani vocal classes.
We believe —
“Music gives peace to soul and wings to the mind.
We teach different voice techniques like
• vocal blending techniques in a song
• Professional Sound control
• Vocal harmony to give beauty
• choral singing
• pronunciation, rhythm, dynamics, pitch etc to master in Hindustani singing by increasing your voice range, building confidence to develop your own style of music.

We teach different genres of songs to cover countless popular music for every student with a unique vocal exercise specialism helping each of our students to develop classical music like Indian classical, Odisha classical, etc. We also offer vocal training classes & voice culture classes of the Hindustani Classical singing style.
We offer the best singing classes in Bhubaneswar from certified and experienced teachers with a dedicated certification course on hand-picked tunes to nurture your talent which will ultimately help you to succeed in life. We also offer multi-lingual singing lessons for beginners to make students more comfortable with respective languages to give them an opportunity to build their career out of Odisha.

Singing Lessons We Offer

Athena Music Academy the “Best music school in Bhubaneswar “offers you, excellent singing classes, for kids and adults (All Age group) as there is no age bound for learning music.

Vocal music class — Entertainment is the best source for ease learning, so, we choose a rhythmic way to teach kids, singing & voice training to make them professional through our experienced music teachers.
Practice makes singing perfect — So, we focus more on practicing songs through instrumental tools by professional singers. We offer the best singing classes according to candidates’ individual needs with a musical atmosphere and flexible approach.
• We offer classes to each student as well as in a group to boost different singing styles into one platform to nourish the talent of one-to-one singing into a group choir.
• We at Athena Music Academy teach our students to make a singing hobby into a passion and build a bright career in music.

Proficient Hindustani Classical Teachers

We have the professionally skilled Music teachers with years of experience in singing to train our students on a vocal training exercise on diversified music lessons. Our Vocal Instructors offer Vocals Lessons; various vocal exercises for singers, Vocal training through Vocal harmonizer, vocal effects pedal, and vocal effect’s processor, etc. To gain a wide experience in learning music join today at the “best music school in Bhubaneswar” Athena Music Academy.